Leah Tsomos

Studied Bachelor of Education (Early Years)

Leah Tsomos studied a Bachelor of Education (Early Years). Photo credit: Leah Tsomos

The learning community at Melbourne Polytechnic made my dream of Higher Education a reality. As a mature aged student I was made to feel like I belonged. The range of supports offered by the program and staff, gave me the skills I needed to become a successful student.

Completing my Bachelor of Education (Early Years), has not only helped me find a job, it has made me realise the change I can bring to education as well as my own potential to achieve. In 2015 I am very proud to be enrolled in my Masters of Education, a possibility that was unimaginable before my experience at Melbourne Polytechnic.

The Bachelor of Education (Early Years) has allowed me to find a career I love that is flexible, full of possibilities and does not leave me tied to a desk or a counter. The degree has given me the freedom of choice. I am now confident knowing I am a professional with valuable and in demand skills, knowledge and experience. My next goal is to use my Bachelor of Education (Early Years) to live and work overseas where I can continue to learn amongst different cultures and people and explore the world.