Marc Issacs (UK)

Studied Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management

Marc Issacs

"What made me choose The Hotel School Sydney? I had done some research online. The Hotel School Sydney kept on popping up in various reviews and forums and it’s in a great location right in the centre of Sydney's CBD. My mind was 75% made up when I went to visit Stefan at Study Options. I didn't tell him that I was looking at the Hotel School Sydney as I wanted to get an unbiased opinion. When I told him I wanted to do a hospitality-based degree the first thing he said was: THSS. He gave me other options too but I think this sealed it for me. He also knew that the general manager of THSS would be in London the following week and set up what I thought was an informal meeting with him to find out more about the course. After a 45 minute chat the following week I was offered a place for the following year. The GM was warm and friendly and this made me feel like THSS would be the right place for me. Looking back three and a half years later, I was right!

"I had a lot of existing experience working within the events industry and was able to incorporate this into my study programme. I spent most of my degree relating what I was learning to actual real life work scenarios that I had experienced myself. Almost everything I was learning made so much sense and fitted into areas of my work, from HR practices and recruiting staff for events to leaning about financing and event budgets. It was really great to learn things that directly related to my experience.

"I think living and studying in another country shows you have the ability and maturity to live and work outside your comfort zone and still succeed. You have to make new friends and study in a different work environment with new cultures. It was amazing to live in Sydney and it also gave me the opportunity to see parts of the world I would not normally have been able to visit. The highlight of studying at THSS would have to be just being part of the THSS family; everyone was just so friendly lecturers, staff and fellow students. I now have a network of contacts all over the world, not just in Australia. It was truly an amazing experience."