Accommodation at Australian colleges

A few vocational institutions do have on–campus accommodation, but it is not widely available. The vast majority of students who chose to study at a college in Australia will live in a private off-campus house or flat share. If you wish to go into private housing it is a good idea not to commit to a contract or rental agreement until you get to the city and you can go and see the property in person. For this reason it is recommended that you arrive a few weeks before the commencement of classes. The Accommodation Offices at each college can offer advice and guidance on finding suitable housing.

Some colleges can also arrange short term homestays. This is when you live with an Australian family in their home. The family will provide your meals and your own room. You will usually be asked to contribute to family life – ie, assist with some household chores - but a homestay is a great way to experience a unique side of Australia.

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