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APSI: Work and study in Perth

Branka is 28 and has been in Australia for a year. She’s from Serbia, where she worked as a nurse. She is studying Aged Care and Disability at APSI, a Registered Training Organization (RTO) based in Perth, Western Australia. "Since I have a nursing background I wanted to broaden my knowledge in this field – this industry in Australia is so different in comparison to Europe."

Branka enrolled in the Certificate III in Aged Care to acquire the basic skills and knowledge of the Australian healthcare system. One of her main reasons for enrolling on APSI’s Aged Care and Disability course was its workplace training content. This consists of a study plan that includes theory and practical hours in an Australian aged care facility. "Through the workplace training programme, students gain valuable exposure to the Australian workplace culture and develop the necessary skills to find and keep a job in Australia and in their own countries," says APSI’s Liza Gomes. Branka is one of the students who have been offered a permanent position in the company where they did their training.

Workplace training is the key value of APSI, a dynamic training provider which provides high quality training programmes to Australian and international students.

APSI was established in 2009. The campus is in Wellington Fair in East Perth, just a few minutes walk to the city and close to free public transport. It has training facilities with small class sizes, two computer labs and free Wi-Fi. The school has become a home from home for over 400 students from 30 different countries all over the world. "I like this multicultural environment. I am from Brazil and to me it is important to meet people from different countries. My classmates are from the Netherlands, Mauritius, Spain, Colombia, France, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Australia... The experience is great, we do a lot of activities together, you can feel the good vibes all over campus and the weather is warm and sunny all year round so we can organise outdoor activities," says Roberto, who is studying Certificate IV in Business.

Roberto also likes studying at APSI because of the lecturers, highly skilled and experienced trainers: “They are concerned not only about what we do in class but also about how our lives are going, if we feel well in Perth, if we are working. They really care.”

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  • Aged care students at APSI. Photo credit: APSI

    Aged care students at APSI. Photo credit: APSI

  • Aged care student, Branka. Photo credit: APSI

    Aged care student, Branka. Photo credit: APSI

  • Hospitality student at APSI. Photo credit: APSI

    Hospitality student at APSI. Photo credit: APSI

More Information

APSI programmes

APSI offers programmes in business, management, hospitality, aged care, disability and work health and safety at levels ranging from Certificate IV to advanced diploma.

APSI qualifications can also form a part of a pathway to university, in particular our business qualifications. The courses are tailored to provide students with the skills and knowledge to perform effectively in a business environment, from supervisors and middle management to team leaders and senior managers. Management courses have a strong focus on leadership and development to achieve quality outcomes for participants and the organisations they represent. Students can choose from different levels of study, from Certificate IV in Frontline Management, to the Diploma and the Advanced Diploma of Management. Each course is one year long and includes three months of workplace training. APSI is the only RTO in Perth offering a one-year course with work experience in management.

This practical component is also a feature of our hospitality courses, with a minimum of six months training included in each, depending on the duration of the course. The hospitality and tourism industry is currently the third largest export earner for Australia and a career in the dynamic hospitality industry offers great opportunities. APSI’s hospitality courses specialise in ‘front of house’ training, which means producing graduates ready to work in hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, the wine industry, operate as a franchise, cruise line industry or coordinate in major events and functions.

Aged Care and Disability is the third key subject area at APSI with courses that can act as a pathway to studying a Bachelor of Nursing. By 2019 it is predicted that there will be more than 5,000 aged care facilities across Australia and, according to the Australian Government, the job prospects in this field are very good. Qualifications in aged care and disability provide training to students who want to work in residential aged care facilities, community care and nursing homes. The advanced level courses prepare students to manage complex clinical cases, work in the health promotion sector or coordinate a team of other aged care workers.

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