How to make an application online

If you apply online for admission to an institution you will still need to provide correctly verified documents before your application can be assessed.

The easiest way to certify your documents is via the UK representative of the institution. The UK representative can certify all of your original documents free of charge and submit them to the university on your behalf. This means that none of your original documents need to leave the UK.

If you would like the UK representative to certify your documents you will need to fill out a form which states that you allow them to provide you with this service, and the confirmation or receipt email you received when you submitted the application, which will contain your case file number.

You can see if the institution has a UK representative by looking on the individual profiles on this website. If the institution that you are applying to does not have a UK representative then you should contact the institution directly to ask who can certify your documents. This can usually be done by a lawyer or justice of the peace in the UK.

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