What do I need to apply to college?

There are certain documents that you have to provide when you apply for a college course in Australia or New Zealand. All documents that you provide with your application need to be certified true copies of the original documents. The UK representative of the college you want to apply to can certify all your academic documents free of charge. If the institution that you want to apply to does not have a UK representative then you should contact their Admissions Office directly to ask them who can certify your documents. This can usually be done by a lawyer or justice of the peace in the UK.

Each college has its own application form so you will first need to obtain this and fill it out. You can obtain these application forms through the UK representative, or alternatively from the International Student Admissions office.

You will need to provide full original academic documents which may include certificates of your secondary school results as well as any other relevant qualifications that you have completed. You will also have to provide a photocopy of the picture page of your passport. This does not have to be certified.

You should also include an up to date copy of your CV.

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