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Tourism and hospitality are industries that contribute significantly to the economies of both Australia and New Zealand. They are also major employers. The size and significance of these industries means that they receive considerable investment from government and international business as well as attracting innovators and entrepreneurs at all levels.

Australia and New Zealand are both world leaders in these industries, and among the best in training people to participate in and contribute to them.


If you want to work in health and community, there is no escaping the need for professional vocational training.

Whether you have always dreamt of being a chef, or are looking for a change of career, these qualifications can open up a world of opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Engineering trades covers a wide range of courses in different types of engineering - from locksmithing to automotive engineering, oil and gas to civil.  Students will also find a wide range of levels of study, from certificates all the way through to a bachelor degree. These courses are popular with students who would like to work in the field of engineering, but would prefer to study in a vocational environment.

If you love animals, Australia and New Zealand are great places to train in a wide range of specialist animal related fields and professions. A wide range of hands-on, practical courses are available throughout each country, so whether you’re eventually hoping to farm fish or cattle, train horses or work in a pet shop, there are plenty of options available.

Retrain in an internationally recognised trade, and gain a new, sought-after skill. Tradespeople are in high demand all over the world at the moment, including in Australia.

These trades courses provide the practical and theoretical training that will allow you to work in your chosen trade. You need to be physically fit for these courses, and be prepared to spend a lot of time on your feet – but it’ll all be worth it, particularly when you think of the job prospects available when you qualify.