Australia’s Skilled Occupation List will soon be updated to include opportunities for trained chefs, bricklayers, floor and wall tilers to apply for visas without employer sponsorship.

The change is due to a shortage of these skilled workers in the areas of hospitality and construction.  Both industries are projected to experience strong growth in the near future.

Australia’s largest state has currently also got the country’s strongest economy.  The recent mining boom has brought significant amounts of economic growth and people into the state, which in turn will encourage further investment in the future.  When it comes to college study this is great news - vocational courses benefit from close association with industry, so you will benefit increased opportunities to gain work experience in your area of study.

Buildings are everywhere. Every building, whether it’s a house, shopping centre or a park shed, needs a skilled carpenter to help construct it and make sure it stands the test of time.

The building industry is constantly growing, so to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding sector, there is constant demand for qualified carpenters with real skills and experience.